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Surrey, BC’s Spot for Seasonal Tire Storage

With the changes in temperature and weather conditions here in Surrey, BC, seasonal tire storage makes sense for drivers. Discount Tire offers this safe storage, so you can switch between the seasons of sun and snow without taking up a chunk of your garage space. We’re proud to offer such a service to our customers because being the best tire care provider involves more than selling and repairing tires. We also make sure drivers can stay safe on the roads regardless of the weather conditions. With a secure place to store your seasonal tires, we ensure your preparedness for when the first snowflake hits the asphalt.

tire storage

Secure Storage for the Season

You’ve known Discount Tire for years as a reputable provider of new and used tires, as well as the repair destination when you incur tire damage. Our seasonal tire storage is a continuation of our commitment to your driving safety. Having a safe place for the tires you need for adequate control while driving is crucial to your daily life and your wellbeing. We’ll make sure you always have your seasonal tires ready to use as the temperature drops, and the great white north gets a great white landscape.

Tire Storage Details

Seasonal tire storage with Discount Tire is your best bet for a quick changeover to maintain a grip on the roadways. Take a look at the following for details about our seasonal tire storage:

  • The cost is $70-$80 for a nine-month period.
  • Your tires are fully insured against damage, loss, or theft.
  • You get a safe, secure, and dry place to store your seasonal tires.
  • We’ll store your tires for up to one season at a time (for up to nine months).

Call Discount Tire for Your Storage Space

We’re ready to help you stay prepared for whatever mother nature drops on Surrey and White Rock, BC. With Discount Tire, you get the tire sales and service you need for a safe driving experience. And with our seasonal tire storage, we’ll empty that corner in your garage and keep them ready for the inevitable inclement weather that comes with each year’s passing. Give us a call today to store your seasonal tires at our Surrey location.

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