Wheel Alignments in Surrey

Fast and Efficient Wheel Alignment

Having the proper wheel alignment on your vehicle is very important. Many people believe that an accident is the only thing that can cause problems with alignment. Although an accident is only one of the ways your alignment can become off, it is not the only way. Maintaining proper air pressure, having your suspension and alignment checked at least once a year, and having your tires rotated at least once a year are all preventative measures Discount Tire can perform to ensure your alignment is correct.

Have Your Tires Checked Today

If you have a feeling that the alignment may be off, or it’s been a while since you’ve had it checked, Discount Tire can help. Poor alignment leads to rapid and uneven tire wear, poor vehicle steering and handling, and various other problems. Your safety can be compromised and you may not even know.

A few signs that your car may need alignment include:

  • Tires Squeal During Turns
  • Vehicle Steers Hard or Shimmies
  • Abnormally Fast Tire Wear
  • Vehicle Drifts Left or Right of Center

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