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Used and New Tire Sales Surrey, BC Canada

At Discount Tire, our highly trained staff will replace your worn tires quickly and efficiently. We understand having four quality tires is important to your safety every time you get in your car, which is why we stock some of the best tires on the market. You’ll feel secure and safe every time you commute to work or take your car out on a family road trip. Not only do we carry the best, we hire the best. Our expert team will install, align, and balance your new tires, so you can drive away confidently know your vehicle is ready to take on the open road. Also, don’t overlook our selection of quality used tires! Buying new tires may not always be an option. Not to worry – we have used tires in good condition and at a great price.

We Will Get You Back on the Road in No Time!

Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Alignment and balancing help extend the life of your tires. Don’t take chances with your safety. Discount Tire’s staff has extensive experience in computerized wheel alignments and tire balancing.

Let Our Professional Staff Keep You Rolling Smoothly down the Road

Flat Tire Repair

There’s nothing worse than a flat tire, especially when you end up having to pay for a brand new replacement. Did you know Discount Tire can repair your flats? It’s true. This service saves you from having to replace a tire before it’s completely worn out. We repair punctures in passengers and light truck tires. Also, we service and sell run-flat tires. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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